Special Care Dentistry (SCD) concerns about the provision of oral care services for the improvement of oral health of adolescents and adults who are unable to receive routine dental care because of certain physical, intellectual, medical, emotional, sensory, mental or social impairment factors or a combination of more than one of these factors.


What is special care dentistry? 

Even at its infancy stage, our Association has partnered with the Loving Smiles Foundation Limited in the development and provision of a Dental Service for persons requiring special care. The first service community is the persons with intellectual disabilities. The scope of the service has been gradually expanded to include elderly and other communities requiring SCD. We aim at removing the barriers of access to quality dental care for all those in need.


Who a​re we? 




Our Dental Service for Persons Requiring Special Care 

​The Hong Kong Special Care Dentistry Association was formed in 2013 by a group of individuals who are passionate about those deprived of dental care because of their special needs situations.